Refugees from Ukraine can now register in the Swedish Population Register

EU-sign and Ukrainian flag.

Refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine who have been in Sweden with a residence permit issued under the EU’s Temporary Protection Directive for at least two years can now register in the Swedish Population Register.

The EU’s Justice and Home Affairs Council has agreed on an extension to the Temporary Protection Directive. As a result, anyone who has held a residence permit granting temporary protection for the last two years, and who intends to continue living in Sweden for at least one year, can apply to the Swedish Tax Agency to register in the Swedish Population Register.

The registration process involves booking an appointment for an identity check. The identity check is carried out at one of our 57 service centres, Statens servicecenter in Swedish, which are equipped with facial recognition technology and will check applicants identity documents.

“We are expecting a large number of bookings for identity checks at our service centres. We have allocated additional resources and extended our opening hours for those with appointments, but there may still be waiting times and queues at some service centres,” says Maria Uddin Åkesson, regional director of Statens servicecenter.

Once an administrative officer at a service centre has completed the identity check, the matter will be passed on to the Swedish Tax Agency for a decision.

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