Visit a service office

Welcome to visit one of our service offices. We provide information from several of the Swedish government agencies in one place. We give you guidance in using digital services and general information in person. Please note that some services are only available at a limited number of offices.

Our service offices


If you prefer to manage on your own, you will find government digital services on-line, where you login with your Bank-ID. You will find the digital services at each agency's website, where you also find a support line if you have any questions. At our service offices we can assist you in using the services or to apply for a Bank-ID.

The Swedish Public Employment Service

Support line: 0771-416 416

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency

Support line: 0771-524 524

The Swedish Pensions Agency

Support line: 0771-776 776

The Swedish Tax Agency

Support line: 0771-567 567

The Swedish Migration Agency

Support line: 0771‑235 235

The Swedish eHealth Agency

Support line: 0771-766 200

Last updated: 2023-02-03
Published: 2022-04-18