About us

The National Government Service Centre, (Swedish name Statens servicecenter) is a government agency under the Ministry of Finance. Our two main missions both contribute towards making the Swedish government administration more efficient and accessible as a whole.

Administrative services for government agencies

The National Government Service Centre manages administration for nearly 170 government agencies. Our expertise in finance, payroll and HR along with systems management provides a strong basis for our administrative services and consultancy support.

Our collaboration with other agencies enables us to coordinate the overall service needs of the Swedish government administration. This allows us to provide services that create volume advantages and cost efficiency for the Swedish government administration.

A sign hanging off a wall with an old town centre in the background.

The sign outside our government service office in Ulricehamn.

Local government service offices for citizens and companies

We also provide information and guidance on government services to private individuals and companies at our numerous service offices across the country.

The purpose of the local government service offices is to ensure that the Swedish government, through us, has a broad presence in the whole country and is accessible for those in need of personal guidance in various government services. Our offices are found in city centres but also particular suburbs and towns in the countryside.

We have ongoing collaborations regarding guidance with the following agencies:

  • the Swedish Public Employment Service
  • the Swedish Social Insurance Agency
  • the Swedish Migration Agency
  • the Swedish Pensions Agency
  • the Swedish Tax Agency.

Agency with a specific responsibility for civil preparedness

The National Government Service Centre is also an agency with a specific responsibility for civil preparedness in the Economic security sector. This means that we will secure services and systems so that salaries to government employees can be paid even in times of crisis.

Last updated: 2024-04-16
Published: 2024-04-16